Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sandra in Song!

No, not everyone's favourite Liberal Democrat MP singing, but songs about Sandra. Chris in Swindon (a LibDem councillor, who has spent over 9 years in the Semi-Conductor trade) was so moved by Sandra's Romsey victory that he felt moved to write some quite beautiful music about Sandra. The GidleyWatch team have often been moved by Sandra, but never enough to write such beautiful music as this:
My friend Sandra worked so much harder
Oh yeh oh yeh
And the Tories she beat
And Romsey she will keep
Oh yeh ah ha

Or even my personal favourite, to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"
Before she was a chemist,
In local superstore.
Now she is Romseys new MP,
The Tories do deplore

Though my favourite verse from that particular ditty of Chris' has to be
Well, there is a town in Hampshire County,
It's called good ole Romsey.
It's been the ruin of many a candidate,
But not Sandra Gidley.

Well done Chris. Complimentary membership of Women Liberal Democrats on its way to you.

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