Thursday, July 15, 2004

Advertiser appearances

Courtesy of, two stories from local papers last week.

On Thursday, the Andover Advertiser reported that Broughton Primary School's fete "was opened by Romsey MP Sandra Gidley." It was a record year for the event, which raised £1,500 for the school.

On Friday, the Romsert Advertiser reported SG's concerns about "the government's mismanagement of out-of-hours medical care."
Mrs Gidley added: "The Government have made a gross misjudgement in failing to foresee just how many family doctors would choose to opt-out of providing emergency cover. It is vital that they now address the reasons why GPs have chosen to opt-out.

"The national shortage of GPs has undoubtedly contributed towards this crisis in out-of-hours care provision.

"This shortage is testament to successive Tory and Labour administrations: Labour has failed to address the aftermath of the Conservative's cull of medical training places.

"I will continue to campaign rigorously for improvement in the provision of out-of-hours medical services in Hampshire."

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