Tuesday, July 27, 2004

All over the local papers

Three appearances in less than a week to report, archived on This Is Hampshire.

It's pot luck for Sandra in big cannabis battle
"Individuals should be allowed to make their own decisions as to whether the possible risks from medicinal cannabis pose a greater threat to their health than the disease from which they suffer."
Ambulance Trust merits zero
Romsey MP, Sandra Gidley, criticised the star rating system for harming staff morale. She said that while ambulance response times were important, the rest of the subjects under scrutiny were not so vital.

"I'm strongly of the opinion that to meet the targets, you need to spend money. I can't see any evidence that the ambulance service is wasting money."
MP warns of crisis over dumped cars
"This will make the fridge mountain look like a molehill. With nowhere for local authorities or industry to store the vehicles they will simply start clogging up our streets.

"Our local councils already have to foot the bill for hundreds of abandoned cars, now they may be left working out what to do with thousands of cars that have nowhere to go."

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