Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Launched: The GidleyWatch Summer Photo Competition!

So enthused were we by our moles in the LibDem by-election camps at Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill (let's face it, espionage is exciting), that we're now looking for a source or sources to help us out with the Hartlepool by-election. We're pretty sure SG will have to visit the Hartlepool LibDems sometime between now and polling day, and we need to know when! If you spot her out and about in Hartlepool, please send us details by email to gidleywatch@hotmail.com.

But there's more... We are offering a prize for the best photo of Sandra Gidley campaigning in Hartlepool. There are rules, of course. Although we don't wish to be bureaucratic, clarity is required:
  1. Entries (scans or digital photos) must be emailed to gidleywatch@hotmail.com to reach us no later than 11.59pm on the day after by-election polling day (whenever that may turn out to be).
  2. Photos must be bona fide Hartlepool campaign shots. No nicking existing photos of SG from the web and pretending you took them in Hartlepool! We'll be looking for evidence that she really is in Hartlepool - landmarks, local campaigners, election literature... It's up to you.
  3. Photos must be taken within the law. We don't think we need to state it, but no stalking. This is for fun, people.
  4. We retain absolute discretion over who wins and what the prize is. So there.
  5. By sending us your photos, you give us the right to reproduce them on the web and to generally do whatever we want with them.

But there's even more... In addition there will be a limited number of mini prizes for photos of MPs (Mandelson, anyone?) holding a sign reading "I love GidleyWatch" (you'll have to make the sign yourselves - sorry), and an extra-special prize for anyone (well, the first person anyway) who photographs Sandra doing so. We don't believe any of you will manage it, but we'll be mightily impressed if you do. (Even if it comes from a Mr Gidley of Romsey.)

Similar rules apply - they must be real photos (no Photoshopping) and you give us permission to use the photos. Oh, and we will accept a heart shape as a substitute for the word "love" as we're old romantics. No deadline for this one, but the sooner the better!

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