Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sandra Gidley writes

The GidleyWatch Team (it really isn't just me!) had been wondering of late whether SG is aware of this site. What with encouraging people to take photos of her in Hartlepool and being the second result on Google if you search for Sandra Gidley, we thought there was a fair chance she might have heard of us even if she wasn't one of the number of hits we've had from

Nevertheless, we were stunned late last night to discover a couple of emails from none other than Sandra herself. Was she emailing to warn us of the impending injunction over our cyberstalking? To warn us she'd be sending the boys round if we mentioned Paul Marsden again? (Oops.) Was she entering the GidleyWatch Summer Photo Competition?

No, the minxish MP was challenging us! Apparently, Chemist & Druggist in 1997 was nowhere near her earliest press appearance. "You'll have to do better than that," she wrote.

"Hint - you have missed something in the Gloucestershire press when I appeared on a TV prgramme in 85."

Well, we're always up for a challenge but this has us flummoxed. The newspaper archives we have access to have turned up nothing, and we don't live in Gloucestershire.

Our only hope lies in Sandra G's second email: "Hint 2 - will appear eventually if you do not succes in your quest......"

Who says the summer is the silly season?

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