Wednesday, August 04, 2004

We couldn't let him go without a goodbye

Paul Marsden is stepping down. Sadly, GidleyWatch wasn't around when various stories about his personal life surfaced last year, so now is the perfect time to remind ourselves what the LibDems' spokesperson on women's issues had to say.

Her comments were covered in a number of newspapers, but obviously the strongest character assassination was always going to be in the Daily Mail:
Yesterday Romsey MP Mrs Gidley said: 'I hadn't realised Paul was so interesting until I heard about this, although I suspect if you took a snapshot of Parliament there would be other people who are being similarly devious.

'I wish they'd concentrate on their jobs.

'Paul's got a marginal seat and I would think he would be putting his energies elsewhere - he would be advised to concentrate on keeping his constituency at the next election.' She added: 'My view is that if you cannot be trusted to stay faithful within your marriage then it's a big part of your honesty and integrity. It's that dishonesty that I don't like.

'If you're in public life I think you should resist temptation.' She was unimpressed, too, at Mr Marsden's publication of amateurish and florid poems on his website for all to see.

One appears to depict a night of passion with a mistress, while another appears to be about his wife's suspicion that he was having an affair.

Mrs Gidley said: 'I think there's something deeply suspect about anyone who keeps on writing poetry like that after they're 17.

'Certainly to do so as an emotional exercise and then print it is just laughable - but then, maybe he's keeping his options open.' Asked if she knew the identity of Mr Marsden's journalist lover, Mrs Gidley said: 'It must be someone with no taste. He certainly doesn't do it for me.'
And now he's stepping down. The pen - or mouth - was mightier than the sword. Poetry worth of Mr Marsden himself.

Perhaps the MP for Hereford should be worried. If that's how she deals with men of whom she disapproves, what does she do to those who stand in her way careerwise?

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