Monday, September 13, 2004

Press cuttings

Two namechecks for SG in the local press in the last week, plus a mention the Manchester Evening News, of all places.

Smokers' £56m NHS Bill in The Southern Daily Echo
A Hampshire MP has now called for more measures to help smokers to stub out their habit - and said increasing public bans could be the way forward.

Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat spokeswoman for health, said: "There does seem to be a lot of initiatives aimed at getting smokers to give up but I don't think they are being pushed actively enough.

"Increasing the number of no smoking areas is one way of tackling it, as it automatically creates fewer opportunities for people to smoke."
Romsey MP Mrs Gidley said: "When you go to hospitals, you can see people huddled around smoking outside. If you can't get the message across there, it does show the extent of the problem.

"We need to be more aggressive and doctors have to work at pressing people, showing them the evidence and giving them all the support to give up."
Commons to give MPs vote on hunting ban in the Daily Echo
Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat MP for Romsey, said: "If the government has decided to do something, they should get on with it."
(SG has consistently voted to ban hunting.)

Blow for old folk in the Manchester Evening News
HUNDREDS of places for vulnerable old people in private nursing homes in the north west have been closed in the past year. Liberal Democrats have accused government ministers of "twiddling their thumbs" as the number of care home beds in the region dropped from 52,900 to 50,800.

Party spokeswoman Sandra Gidley said the shortage of good quality care homes had a knock-on effect on the NHS.

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