Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sandra Gidley's second sight

The Southampton Daily Echo is impressed - but perhaps made a little uneasy - by SG's comments about House of Commons security, penned before yesterday's incident.

Protestors storm Commons (excerpt)
Romsey Liberal Democrat MP Sandra Gidley gives an eerie warning of possible security problems at Parliament in her weekly article in today's Daily Echo.

She was writing about the Fathers 4 Justice Batman protest at Buckingham Palace on Monday and before yesterday's invasion of the House of Commons.

She wrote: "I am sure that the Home Secretary was speaking the truth when he mentioned that the Royal Family did not want to make the royal palaces totally inaccessible.

"I feel much the same way about the House of Commons. Despite the erection of the security screen, much of the remainder of the Palace of Westminster is very much a public building. I would not want the public to be excluded but do accept that there is a risk.

"Security could be tighter but I think that it is in proportion to the risk. To turn parts of London into fortresses with no public access would mean that the terrorists had won."
Perhaps Sandra should turn her attentions to Saturday's lottery numbers?

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