Thursday, September 09, 2004

Trawling the web

Keen to glean some GidleyNews(TM), we visit her web site. Here's a brief summary of the latest going on in SG's corner of cyberspace.

SG is advertising "Third World Development: Can it ever happen?", a series of talks presented by Sarum College in Salisbury. Details here.

The full press release for this story is here.

Finally, two articles SG penned for the Romsey Advertiser. In, Exam Results, Sandra sticks up for science students and students who don't get top grades and their photos in The Times. In Roman Holiday, we learn why Romsey is better than Naples. No, really.

No more time now, but, as promised yesterday, we will be shortly examine SG's plans for world domination and keep our fingers crossed about Sandra's potential TV appearance.

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