Friday, October 22, 2004

Romsey at War - it's Blog-Spat!

In the yellow corner, our beloved Sandra G, on her third outing, following successful bouts in 2000 and 2001. In the blue corner, new challenger Caroline Noakes, an unproven, untested Tory who fancies her chances of taking Sandra's belt (well, seat).

What am I going on about? It's the remarkable spat between Sandy and Cazza, and it's all about our favourite things - blogs!

Our beloved Sandra's weblog has come in for some criticism from Tory opponent Caroline Noakes. In fact the front page of this week's Romsey Advertiser is full of the spat between Romsey's leading lady and the pretender to her crown!

To cut a long story short, Caroline said something nasty about Sandra, who then put the facts right on her blog. Caroline then accused Sandra of 'demeaning her office' by launching a personal attack on her!

As ever, GidleyWatch wants to bring GidleyWatchers the full story, setting out both sides of the argument with our customary fairness and panache. We think Cazza (who does have a wonderful footballer's wives style quality about her) is referring to Sandra's posting on Tuesday October 19th (My Opponent Blogs Too!).

Sandra claims that Cazza has been just as bitchy about her, but to our absolute astonishment, we've found that Cazza's blog has dissappeared! Yes, that's right, vanished, gone, caput. Look for yourselves! It's such a shame, cos we did love reading little insights into Cazza's life. Hoping this might only be a temporary setback, we checked out Romsey Tories website to check the link to Cazza's blog was still there - but it isn't. It's vanished too!

So we've emailed Cazza , asking her to put her blog back up unedited, so the people of Romsey can compare what Romsey's leading ladies have to say about each other - that way we can judge for ourselves. Perhaps you'd like to email Cazza too? Her address is

If Cazza won't put her blog back up, perhaps GidleyWatch will have to do the people of Romsey a service by doing a 'negative story count' on both women's websites. A quick glance suggests that Cazza might have more to fear than Sandy about that!

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