Monday, November 15, 2004

Beaten by Gidley? Let us know!

For all the Tories reading, I've promised Andy that this will be a Nokes-free post, after my last attempt at a desription of Ms. Nokes frightened the pigeons somewhat. So feel free to read on...

We want to hear from people who've been beaten by Gidley.

No, we don't want 2001 Romsey loser Paul Raynes, or even 2000 by-election loser Tim Palmer's recollections of being beaten by Sandra*; painful though we're sure they are. Tim, you might remember was the Dorset farmer 'technically' born in London; and Paul was, well, a bit of a nobody really (we didn't keep any of his 2001 leaflets, and he wasn't that memorable)

We really want to hear from people who've been beaten by Sandra at.... badminton!

Yes, that's right, badminton. Sandra, according to the official LibDem website, plays a 'tough game of badminton'.

Being watchers of the great woman, we'd expect nothing less than a tough game from her at anything she tries her hand at. But exactly how tough is the on-court Gidley?

If you have recollections of being thrashed by Gidley, let us know! It doesn't matter how long ago it was - all stories are welcome. Photos even more so.

Scrolling the lists of all party parliamentary groups we were alarmed to read that there currently isn't an All Party Parliamentary Badminton group - despite there being a boxing group, and two on football.

Seizing the intiative in a way that only GidleyWatch can, we've contacted the Badminton Association of England (in glamourous Milton Keynes) to suggest that they consider setting one up (with Sandra playing a leading role, obviously). We also cheekily suggested that if their current Patron, HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York ever hangs up his shuttlecock, Sandra might be a good replacement.

We'll let you know what we hear from the Badminton Association is due course. In the mean time, send us your stories of being beaten by Sandra!

*unless it was at badminton, lads.

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