Thursday, November 11, 2004

News from The Publican

MP speaks out on drink spiking
An MP has accused the trade of not doing enough to fight drink spiking in pubs and clubs.

Despite ongoing efforts to push responsible retailing, Sandra Gidley, MP for Romsey in Hampshire, believes the drinks industry should make more funding available for protective devices and awareness.

Speaking at the London launch of Spikey, a product designed to stop consumers having bottled drinks spiked (pictured), she urged licensees and the government to get involved in the issue, which she believes is largely ignored.

“I’m the only MP in Parliament who raises the concerns of drug rape,” said Ms Gidley. “Corporate social responsibility is a buzz phrase at the moment but people spent time looking at environmental issues when we should be looking to save the dignity of the people who are drugged without knowing it.

“Clubs are likely to adopt it but spiking happens in pubs too and we need licensees to get involved. The government also has its head in the sand on this; we need to be doing more.”

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