Friday, January 21, 2005

Rough sketches

Thanks to a comment to the last post and SG's own blog, we find mention of Sandra in several other newspapers' sketches on Wednesday.

Old Man Steptoe without his falsies was more coherent (Daily Mail, Quentin Letts)
Now we reached Miss [Melanie] Johnson. Her first task was to answer a question from a dreary Lib Dem called Gidley (Romsey) who was worried about rampant alcoholism among old age pensioners.

I dare say that if I have a droner like Gidley for my MP when I'm in my 70s I'll tilt the odd elbow, too.

What's the point of being old if you can't unscrew the top off a bottle of Harveys Amontillado at elevenses?
Polish dentists know the drill, where are they? (The Daily Telegraph, Andrew Gimson)
Sandra Gidley (Lib Dem, Romsey) expressed concern about "a growing problem of alcohol abuse among old people", who "don't present such a high profile on Saturday night" as youthful binge drinkers, so tend to be overlooked.

It seems pretty clear to this column what has driven these unfortunate old people to drink. They are suffering from chronic toothache and their feet are killing them, and they cannot find either a dentist or a chiropodist.
Ministers fight tooth and toenail to prove NHS is in rude health (The Times, Ann Treneman)
Sandra Gidley is a Liberal Democrat and, as such, is doomed to spend her days asking ridiculous questions. Yesterday she demanded to know why the alcohol harm reduction strategy had been "sexed down". Why were drunk old people not included? "Is it because this is another example of NHS ageism?" she fumed.

Mel J denied that drunk old people were being ignored. In fact, even as she spoke, there were "interventions in primary and hospital settings to work out how we can target better". She insisted that people "from all ranges" are being helped. I had not realised that people came in ranges.

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