Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sandra Gidley - harbinger of doom

Having read (of course) SG's report of health questions yesterday, we were excited to see that Simon Hoggart's Guardian sketch today took the same theme. We quickly glanced through for any mention of La Gidley, and we weren't disappointed:

Teeth become an election issue
Then Sandra Gidley did what MPs love to do, which is to scare the pants off us all. She raised the problem of binge drinking among old persons.

Heavens, Sanatogenpops, advocaat special brew, pints of mild with Horlicks chasers! Very, very slow barroom brawls with Zimmer frames clashing! Ministers clearly have no idea what to do about this menace.
Meanwhile, The Independent's Marie Woolf quotes SG once again.

MPs criticise prosecution's £8,000 payment for Meadow's evidence
Professor Sir Roy Meadow, the paediatrician whose evidence led to the wrongful jailing of Angela Cannings, was paid more than £8,000 of taxpayers' money to testify.
Yesterday, Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat spokesman on children, said: "£8,000 is an awful lot. Angela Cannings received no compensation. The balance does not seem fair."
Incidentally, the LibDems' website insists that Annette Brooke MP is the party's spokesperson on children and that SG continues to speak on women and older people.

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