Thursday, January 13, 2005

SG in the Diary

The GidleyWatch Team can only aspire to the journalistic heights of the Guardian Diary, so we were naturally chuffed today to see that we may have picked up their nose for a good story.

Last week we wrote, you will recall:
Until then, we lazily refer you to a particularly inventive simile from our favourite read, Romseyredhead:
The press are not stupid and the clash stood out like a lighthouse on speed.
In today's Diary, Marina Hyde relates the same tale:
To Lib Dem Sandra Gidley's weblog next, for a masterclass in the art of the simile. "The press are not stupid," writes the Romsey MP of Mr Tony and Gordon's diary duel last week, "and the clash stood out like a lighthouse on speed." Top work, Sandra. On the off chance you need future assistance mapping one semantic field on to another - or just some speed - do feel free to get in touch.

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